5 Museums to visit in Lima

Though the façade of Lima may not seem so alluring and exquisite because of the expansive desert city that seems to be perpetually soaked in coastal fog, grasping perilously to sandy cliffs and marinated in an ambiance of big city pandemonium, it is not fair to judge the mega capital of Lima on the basis of its surface. This garden city which houses the largest number of fountain parks in the world is a city of contrasts. The ultramodern seaside zones rise amid the coarse shantytowns and pre-Colombian temples rest quietly in the midst of condominium high rise structures. Blanketed in rich history, brimming with artistic delights and boasting a cornucopia of incomparable eateries and cuisines, Lima is a city where the great fusion of cultures and traditions is reflected in the great number of museums that this city houses. Here is our report on the top five museums to visit in Lima:

Larco Museum

Larco Museum

The Larco museum which was established in 1926 is set in a stunning colonial mansion erected over a pre-Columbian pyramid. It proudly displays great sequential galleries which proffers the visitors with an extensive summary of 4000 years of Peruvian pre-Columbian history and boasts of retaining the largest ceramic collection in the world. The museum has gained world wide recognition because of the premium gold and silver assortment exhibition from ancient Peru and the renowned erotic ceramic collection.


Natural History Museum

Founded in 1918, this is one of the most significant natural history museums in all of Peru. This treasure trove exhibiting the broad spectrum of the Peruvian flora and fauna also features innumerable botanical, ecological and mineralogical exhibits which make the visit to Natural History Museum worth a visit.

Residing in an old colonial mansion, the oldest state museum of Peru features about ten thousands of flawlessly retained pre-Hispanic ceramic pieces, textiles, organic objects, stone and wood objects and technologies. It also displays more then 2000 musical instruments and showcases the remnants of medieval humans. This museum takes one on a time machine trip to the history of Peru’s culture dating back from the prehistoric times to the present era.

The Bullfight Museum

five museums to visit in Lima

Residing in the renowned Plaza de Acho, Museo Taurino or the Bullfight Museum is where the visitors can delve deeper into the world of bullfighting. This spectacular museum exhibits real bullfighting artifacts like photos, weapons, relics and bull-fighting costumes of famous bullfighters. It is a must see for all those who share a thrill for the adrenaline pumping sport of bull fighting.

Museum of the Convento de San Francisco de Asis


A part of the spectacular Convent of San Francisco, this museum is one of the most toured buildings in all of Lima. The Convent of San Francisco is a baroque style church which has been restored and is the favorite dwelling of thousands of pigeons. The museum boasts of possessing a rich cultural heritage and exhibits works of art, exclusive religious paintings and retains a library which houses about 25,000 volumes. The highlighting aspect of the tour of the museum is the descent in the catacombs of the convent that acted as a burial ground and is estimated to retain about 7000 burials.

Peru National Stadium

One of the top places to go in Lima is the national stadium, otherwise known as the Estadio Nacional. It has the third largest seating capacity of any Lima stadium and is a must visit for any traveler.

The Peruvian government takes a lot of pride in football and in the stadium, especially since the stadium is owned by the government. The stadium is also operated by the Peruvian Institute of Sport- therefore you can be sure that the stadium will always be in top shape. New renovations were completed in 2011 which took about a year to complete. These renovations included more seating, more parking, and a new tower among other additions.

Although football is the main attraction, the stadium also host a variety of other sports and events. These other sports include volleyball, boxing, karate, and Kung Fu. Notable musicians Phil Collins, Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have all performed in the National Stadium. WWE wrestling has also performed in the stadium.

The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric during a football game and it’s something everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

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