Welcome to CapitalofPeru.com. Use this website to plan your exciting trip to Lima, Peru, and experience the best of what South America has to offer. Lima is a beautiful city that offers many opportunities for adventure, fine cuisine, and cultural learning. There is not a more diverse city in all of South America. CapitalofPeru can be your sole guide for this amazing city. If you are traveling to a new city then you need a high-quality travel resource. Otherwise you could be wasting your time. CapitalofPeru is the best travel resource for anyone traveling to Lima- whether you are a first time traveler or an experienced traveler. GoOverseas has recognized us as a ‘top Peru travel blog’ and Google has rewarded us with a high page ranking. On the website you will find exclusive information that cannot be found anywhere else. Travelers often spend hundreds of dollars on Peru travel guides. With CapitalofPeru there is no need to buy a single travel guide. Not one. All of the best information, pictures, and video can be found right here on our website.

Peruvian women

Lima3 Here is what CapitalofPeru has to offer:

Cultural Information: You need a solid understanding of the cultural before you travel here. Otherwise, you can be setting yourself up for costly mistakes. From Safety to Spanish dialect, this is must read information.

Navigating the City: Navigation is especially important for short-term travelers. But any traveler can benefit by finding the fastest travel routes and the cheapest modes of transportation. CapitalofPeru also features a great nightlife guide that is updated to include the best venues.

Expat Information: CapitalofPeru has partnered with some of the leading expat groups who provide assistance for expats in Peru. It’s always difficult at first to move to a new country and CapitalofPeru provides the necessary resources to make for a smooth transition.

Cultural Activities: There so many fun things to do in Lima. From the national stadium to paragliding over the city- there is something here for everyone. The goal is to have fun while also learning about the Peruvian culture. CapitalofPeru features numerous articles that highlight all of the best cultural activities.

News: It’s important to know what’s going on before your arrival. There are always several upcoming events that are great to mark on your calendar. You wouldn’t want to miss out because you weren’t informed. No other Peruvian travel website covers the news like our website does.

Pictures: Readers submit some of the most beautiful pictures of Lima. These pictures will make you want to immediately book the next flight over here. There is a full range of pictures which include the city center, sports events, and local Peruvian art. Even then, the pictures do not do Lima any justice

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