Finding out about Peru

Finding out about Lima

Lima has a lot of cultural attractions as well as tourist attractions, including a good nightlife scene. Whether you are trying to go shopping or trying to go paragliding, Lima is a perfect place to go sightseeing.

Finding out about Lima.

The main tourist districts are the Centro Historico and Miraflores. The Centro Historico is in the heart of Lima and contains the Plaza Mayor, congress, churches, and shopping areas. The colonial architecture really sets this district apart from the other surrounding areas. There is also city tours available everyday of the week.

Miaraflores is more upscale, and features many restaurants and shops as well as popular nightlife options. The LarcoMar recreation area has amazing views of the Pacific oceans as well as many shopping and dining options. There are also several museums and Luis Miro Quesada Garland Hall- a popular art gallery. Hang gliding and parasailing are other popular activities.

Sightseeing in Lima is not limited to these two districts; there are other districts and suburbs that have a lot to offer. However, these other districts are not as safe for tourists so it is best to use caution when traveling through the poorer areas of Lima.

Transportation Options in Lima

Peruvian Taxis

There are many transportation options in Lima, ranging from buses, taxis, and care rentals. These options are not cheap; however for a tourist they are much safer than walking around and possibly getting pick-pocketed.

Tourists can usually get better taxi fares if they speak good Spanish. A taxi ride from one district to the other typically costs about $2USD or 6 soles. Rides that are longer may cost around $3-7USD. Also note that taxis don’t have meters, so the price negotiation is done beforehand- another incentive to speak good Spanish. It is better to call for a taxi rather than to take one from the street, and remember not to get into shared taxis.

Car rentals are available for tourists however they are not recommended. Peru has different driving laws and driving standards so it’s not safe. If you do decide to rent a car, spend a few days beforehand riding in taxis to get used to the area and the traffic conditions.

Lima does not have a central busing station, but there are numerous bus companies in the area. Most of these companies have their terminals in the district of La Victoria, which is not the safest district. However, there are some bus terminals on the outskirts of La Victoria and these buses are the most popular with tourists.

Although there are many options to consider, taxis are going to be your safest bet if you are a tourist. They are convenient and relatively inexpensive.

Peruvian Food


Peru has been praised as having some of the best food in the Americas, and for good reason. The people of Peru have prided themselves on making quality food, so it’s no wonder they are getting the recognition they deserve. Peru offers a large variety of cultural dishes, as well as international cuisines.

There are many different cuisines to choose from, but ceviche should be at the top of your list. Ceviche is the Peruvian national dish because of its unique taste- it’s made from raw fish, juices, and spices. Lima Peru is particularly known for having good ceviche. Most restaurants include ceviche on their menus, but you will be able to find a cevichería on every block. Because of the growing interest in Peruvian cuisine, ceviche is now available in many restaurants around the world. But of course these international restaurants cannot compare to the quality of ceviche that Peru provides.

Also note that it is not a good idea to eat ceviche after 5pm because the acid can upset your stomach. This is why most cevicherias close early in the evening. Western tourists are particularly subject to a bad reaction from the acidic dish, especially if drinking an acidic pisco sour beverage.

Peru has a lot of dining options, so you can be sure to find something you like. There are also many Asian restaurants as well as a strong fast food restaurants.

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