Medical Tourism in Peru

Medical Tourism in Peru

When people think of medical tourism, they usually don’t think of Peru. However, Peru has been a medical tourism destination for many years now. Peru has low costs and highly trained doctors. Add that to the wonderful tourism sites, and Peru is one of the most underrated spots for medical tourists. The most common operations include cosmetic, dentistry, and even life saving surgery.

Medical Tourism in Peru

One of the more interesting medical options is child birth. The hospital expenses of giving birth in Peru are a fraction of the normal cost in the United States. There are plenty of English-speaking doctors in the hospitals so language would be not an issue. Besides the cost, another added benefit of giving birth in Peru is that the child will have a right to Peruvian citizenship- regardless of nationality.

All you would need to do is head over to your home country’s embassy and pick up the baby’s citizen documents and Peruvian passport. Having dual-citizenship would be a great gift for any newborn child and it would give them more options later in their lives.

Most of the medical clientele come from either the United States or the United Kingdom. Even with airfare included, the price of any operation will be cheaper in Peru than the same procedure done in the western world. Also, the quality of services is usually better. What is there to lose? You can get your procedure done, while also seeing the amazing country of Peru. It’s a smart idea to combine travel with surgery. The entire cost of the surgery and trip will be less than the cost of the entire procedure done in the western world. It’s no wonder that medical tourists come to Peru for a variety of different treatments. With the favorable exchange rate, Peru will continue to be a great option for those who seek both surgery and travel.

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