Travel Tips

Travel Tips

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More often in my early travels; I was dismayed to hear that my neighbor on the plane or at the hotel room had paid less for the same services that were rendered to me. It took me some time to learn how to be prudent and rein in the finances so that I could spend a few more weeks in the paradise land and return to my work desk a little later then I had initially planned.

With the airfares, hotel rates, transportation rates and tour rates skyrocketing with each passing day, many people feel the necessity to put their vacationing decision on hold and curb their wanderlust.

But you don’t have to give a backseat to your travel wish. You can simply follow these golden guidelines to keep your budget intact while you relish the quality vacation that you aim for and head off to the enchanted and wonderful kingdoms that you have always desired to explore and discover.

Plan ahead

Planning a month or two ahead for your vacation will proffer you with aplenty time to ransack the websites and filch the best deals on hotels and airfares. Moreover, you can even tweak your plans according to the dip in the rates. It is also recommended to travel during the off-season when the prices have decelerated significantly.

Choose your lodgings wisely

There are many other options other then staying in lavish and branded hotels that can keep your budget from spiraling out of control which are:

I have always been keen when it comes to budget hotels and guesthouses.
You can conserve your resources by house-sitting which means you take care of someone else’s house while they are away. Though your stay length depends on the absence period of the homeowners, you are able to profit from the free lodging.

Furnished apartment rentals are also a great option if you are travelling with a big group as they are easy to book through internet service and the cost of the lodging is bisected amongst the group members.

Get in the physical mood

Instead of relying solely on public transport to discover your destination, fasten the laces of your walking sneakers and explore the famous attractions and landmarks by sauntering leisurely along.

This will not only give you the opportunity to engage in and soak the pleasure of beholding iconic markers at your own pace but will also cut down on your transportation costs.

Apply for a work permit

I have always managed to save some serious bucks by obtaining the work permit and earning while traveling. This actually funds the subsequent part of my travels.

Make smart eating decisions

Refrain from eating in a tourist area because the food will be double the original price.
Hit the supermarket, discover and buy the ingredients included in the local palette and concoct your own meals.

You can even try eating from the vendors as their food is equally scrumptious and the quality though may not be superior is quite satisfactory.

If your feet are itching for adventure and thrill like mine, then stop distressing and being too apprehensive about how to fund your trip till the end and stay within your resources and budget limit. Follow these simple tips to travel cheaper, better and for an extended duration.

Buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad, especially on a budget, can mean visiting areas off the beaten track, places not always frequented by other Tourists. You may therefore be exposed to more risks than the normal visitor. Having the support of comprehensive travel insurance is critical. You never know when something will go wrong and without cover it could end up costing you thousands of pounds.

Travel Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. The market is very competitive at the moment and there are plenty of places to find cheap travel insurance.

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